Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Wonder Woman Who Changed Lives With Make Up!

Skin conditions need to be handled with care at all times as the slightest irritancies can destroy someone’s life. There are hundreds of different skin problems that can affect people of all kinds across the globe, all of which act differently depending on the person in whom they manifest.

Treating patients with various skin conditions can be an emotional rollercoaster for all those involved as many sufferers are prone to losses of confidence. From acne to erythroderma, skin conditions can cause a lot of discomfort, pain and loss of buoyancy. The difficulty is that skin conditions are not uncommon – in fact, everyone at some point in their lives with have some form of skin disease. However, what’s usually more difficult for the sufferers is not only the effect of their disease but the reaction they get from other people.

Skin conditions without a doubt still hold a stigma that goes back all the way to the medieval era. Societies would label those affected ‘unclean’, similar to the way millions of people view sexually-transmitted infections and mental illnesses. However, this simply is not the case. The variety of skin conditions in the UK alone is outstanding but Jane Iredale has made huge contributions to the makeup industry in a bid to try and help tackle personal issues these victims are having, supplying them with a boost in self-confidence that will do no harm to their skin.

Jane Iredale was one of the first in the makeup industry to produce a full line of products that are good for the skin. Using minerals and working closely with plastic surgeons and dermatologists she was able to develop a line that has been truly life-changing for many people worldwide. She understood the impact and importance of feeling confident in your own skin and was able to produce ‘Beauty with Benefits’ that can be used by anyone. The products are allergy-free, anti-inflammatory and environmentally friendly – what more could you want?

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